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Suwanee Ga. is a city of over 16,000 and lies just 30 miles north of Atlanta. This award winning progressive community sustains a high quality of life for its residents. In 2007 money magazine named Suwanee one of the countries best small communities to live in. The city is well known for having exceptional parks that spread over an area of 500 acres and host a variety of events. We provide legal services to Suwanee, GA residents in the following practice areas.

Suwanee Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy is a useful tool that can help you get out of debt and get back on your feet financially. However, navigating the waters of a bankruptcy proceeding can be difficult without legal representation. You need a qualified and experienced attorney on your side to help ensure that you obtain the best result for your unique individual circumstances. We recognize that each individual or company is different, and we meet with all potential clients in the Suwanee , GA area face-to-face to identify the situation you are confronting and outline your legal options.

If you are in Suwanee, GA and in financial distress and looking for a way out, contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy may be right for you. The attorneys at Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire are knowledgeable of bankruptcy law and ready to lend their assistance to your cause.

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Suwanee Business and
Corporate Law Attorneys

We assist Suwanee , GA business owners at start-up, exit, and every stage in-between. Whatever the size of your business, we can help you select and create the best legal entity, assist with all of your commercial transactions and help develop a succession plan customized to meet your short and long term business goals. Our attorney will ensure that your personal and business assets will be protected and that you will experience a smooth and profitable transition when you choose to exit your business.

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Suwanee Litigation Representation Attorneys

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire has an elite business counsel and litigation practice in Suwanee , GA and our attorneys have been recognized for their premier professional and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell®. We represent clients in Suwanee , Georgia in a broad range of business law matters and serve as general counsel for many clients throughout the area. With an impressive record of success, our legal team has the knowledge, creative ability and experience required in complex business transactions and litigation.

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Suwanee Criminal
Defense Attorneys

At Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, we are familiar with the governments’ techniques and strategies, and we can counter them effectively. There is simply no substitute for our skill and experience when your future is at stake. If your family faces criminal charges in the Suwanee , area you need a dedicated, skilled and experienced lawyer that has an outstanding record of achieving results in the courtroom. PDW attorneys stand ready to fight for you and to help you deal with the emotionally trying challenges of defending yourself and protecting your family.

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Suwanee DUI Attorneys

As a former prosecutor, and the former Solicitor-General for Suwanee in charge of all DUI prosecution, Mo Wiltshire occupies a unique position with regard to understanding DUI prosecution and defense. Not only did he prosecute DUI’s personally in Suwanee , GA but he supervised a whole office of prosecuting attorney’s and mentored them as they evaluated, prepared and tried or plead each DUI case. Since he knows exactly how the prosecution works, he can exploit any weaknesses in DUI cases and use those weaknesses to your benefit. When you are looking for the best legal representation, there’s simply no substitute for the experience of former Solicitor-General Mo Wiltshire.

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Suwanee Estate
Planning Attorneys

There are many reasons for having an estate plan. Issues regarding the upbringing of your minor children, the elimination of death taxes to the greatest extent possible and transferring your wealth (no matter the size of your estate) in the manner you desire are just some of the important reasons for having a plan. If you do not have your own plan, the IRS and the state of Georgia will create one for you. They, not you, will decide who raises your minor children, how your assets will be distributed and how your estate is administered. The result? You, your heirs and your legacy will likely suffer unintended and painful financial consequences. Don’t let this happen to you. For your estate planning needs in Suwanee , GA – contact Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire.

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Suwanee Personal
Injury Attorneys

Our attorneys have had years of success evaluating and litigating serious injury and wrongful death cases in Suwanee , GA resulting from Automobile, Truck, Motorcycle, Boating, Industrial and other accidents. We have tried these cases from both the Plaintiff’s side of the claim as well as from the insurance defense perspective. We are ready and able to counter insurance company strategy and maximize the recovery you are entitled to receive. Please let us help you on your road to recovery.

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Suwanee Health Care Counseling

Our attorneys routinely represent health care institutions in Suwanee , GA in matters relating to counseling. We provide counseling relating to Medicaid and Medicare liability, corporate compliance, fraud and abuse, credentialing and peer review, HIPAA compliance and other issues related to privacy and release of information. We also litigate matters arising from disputes involving health care matters.

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