Probate Litigation Case Studies

Probate Litigation
Browner v. Moore & Gant, Superior Court of Clarke County.  Mr. Daniel represented Ava Browner, the sister of disabled war hero, Theodis Gant, in the Superior Court of Athens-Clarke County. Theodis had accumulated $479,790.00 in currency in his Estate. Though he failed designate his sister as the beneficiary in a Last Will and Testament, and State law provides that a sister is not entitled to any portion of an estate when a person dies without a Will and there are living children, Mr. Daniel was able to recover $320,000.00 for Ms. Browner. (Read full case study)
Estate of M S T Smith, Superior Court of Greene County.  Mr. Daniel represented the Estate of M.S.T. Smith and the grandchildren of Mary Sue.  This case involved an allegation of undue influence by the son of Mary Sue to avoid the application of her will.  Mary Sue’s will bypassed her children and granted the majority of her estate to her grandchildren.  Through Power of Attorney, the son conveyed to himself a 604 acre farm and office building, as well as more than $100,000.00 in stock.  The children contended that Mary Sue “changed her mind” about the conveyance and wished for her children to have her assets.   Mr. Daniel filed a Petition to Cancel the Deeds and Set Aside Conveyances and was able to resolve the Estate with the children receiving approximately 8% of the Estate, and the remaining portion going to the grandchildren, Mr. Daniel’s clients.  (Read full case study)