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Healthcare Attorneys:

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC have the expertise and experience essential for representing Healthcare providers. Healthcare providers of all sizes in all medical fields can feel secure knowing Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire are standing by them in ensuring compliance with laws, maintaining practices in harmony with regulations, and most importantly protecting the interests of patients.

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC have served as General Counsel and Litigation Counsel for Advantage Behavioral Health Systems for more than 15 years. Advantage is the largest mental health provider in Northeast Georgia and serves the needs of thousands of individuals.

Mental health care providers face special challenges under state and federal laws and regulations. Michael C. Daniel and Daniel S. Woodrum work with Advantage on a daily basis to ensure these challenges are overcome.

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC have also served as General Counsel and Litigation Counsel for ActivHealthcare, Inc. for more than 10 years. Activ is the largest third party Chiropractic care entity in Georgia and has held that position for more than a decade. Activ’s coordination with hundreds of healthcare providers places them at the precarious intersection of private healthcare practices and health insurance providers. With Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire at their side, Activ operates with confidence that any conflicts at this intersection will be navigated seamlessly.

Entities as large as Advantage and Activ face numerous inherent obstacles just to operate on a daily basis. Having represented Advantage and Activ as general counsel for over a decade, Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire have the knowledge and skills to overcome the unique obstacles faced by both corporate healthcare clients and individual healthcare clients. Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire offer the representation essential to confidently operate a health care practice or entity.

Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire offer the following legal solutions for healthcare clients and more:

  • Risk Management Planning 

Medical professionals know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire espouse this principle by working with our clients to prevent problems before they occur. Our firm offers the option of retainer agreements which keep us on call at all times to serve your practice’s preventative needs.

  • Employment, Labor and Benefits Issues 

Healthcare clients employ a wide range of individuals who are employed under various contracts, agreements, and understandings. Our firm stands ready to work to resolve any issues or conflicts that may arise out of our clients’ employer responsibilities.

  • Healthcare Provider Negotiations and Contracting

Healthcare clients do not stand alone in treating patients and are in constant interaction with other healthcare entities. Our firm will draft and negotiate contracts to ensure these interactions turn into productive treatment and business relationships for both sides.

  • Medical Records Privacy Issues

Caring for Patients and Clients is a healthcare provider’s number one focus. Part of caring for patients and clients is protecting their right to privacy. Our firm has the ability to educate your staff on protecting medical records as well as serve as a clearinghouse for all subpoenas and medical records requests. With the stringent guidelines implemented by state and federal laws and regulations, competent representation is essential to avoid any potential fines or litigation resulting from unlawful release of medical records.

  • Compliance Issues

Healthcare providers face a twisted web of laws and regulations that can easily ensnare a provider who is simply trying to operate a practice. Our firm can guide you through this web of state and federal laws and regulations to ensure an interrupted practice of medicine.

  • Company and Provider Policies

Even the smallest healthcare providers realize the benefits and necessity of strong policies for the operation of their practices. Our firm can serve to consult on existing policies or draft new policies to meet the needs of your practice.

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC stand ready to represent your company or you individually in any health care related matters with the highest level of service.

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Michael Daniel and Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire have been representing us for many years.  We have legal needs ranging from employment matters to regulatory and confidentiality issues.  PDW provides the broad range of expertise that we need.  They are our partners in providing security for our clients and our agency. — Cindy A. Darden, CEO – Advantage Behavior Healthcare Systems

“Michael Daniel serves as our general and litigation counsel. Michael provides expertise in a myriad of legal areas which we find very beneficial in the operation of our company. In addition to his legal skills, I value his responsiveness. When we have issues or questions, his response time is excellent. Michael and his Firm provide a tremendous value to our company.”  —  Mark S. Brickhouse, Executive Director, ActivHealthCare, Inc.

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