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Mo Wiltshire, the former Solicitor-General for Athens, GA, is renowned as a top rated DUI Attorney in North Georgia and is a former DUI Prosecutor. Mo has earned the highest possible ranking for a DUI Defense Attorney, “Superb” and a perfect “10 out of 10″ by the world’s largest online legal directory and rating organization, AVVO. Click on the AVVO badges on this page to link to Mo Wiltshire’s profile on AVVO.com.

  • AV Preeminent Legal Ability and Very High Ethical Standards (Martindale-Hubbell)
  • Rated “SUPERB” as a Criminal Defense Attorney (AVVO)
  • Rated “SUPERB” as a DUI Defense Attorney (AVVO)
  • Ranked as one of the Nation’s Top Attorneys (NADC)
  • Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorney (NACDA)
  • Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer (ASLA)
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers)
  • Top 100 DUI Defense Attorney (NAFDD)
  • Selected as a Life Member of Trial Masters (TM)
  • Client’s Choice Award for Outstanding Service 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 (AVVO)
  • Named as one of the 10 Best in Georgia for Criminal Defense Client Satisfaction for the years 2014, 2015 & 2016 (AICOLA)

Call (706) 543-0002 to get help from a nationally recognized top rated DUI defense attorney. Are you facing a DUI charge in North Georgia? Even on a first time ever DUI charge you are at immediate risk of having to suffer significant penalties:

  • Loss of your driver’s license and the “Ten Day Rule”.
  • Mandatory jail time and lengthy probation time.
  • Mandatory substance abuse evaluation, and mandatory treatment if recommended.
  • Heavy fines, surcharges, and probation fees in addition to drastically increased insurance costs.
  • Loss of job/career/future employment opportunities and loss of peace of mind and prestige.

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Are you looking for the best lawyer available to help you with your case…a lawyer who really can help you? You need to ask any lawyer you are considering some tough questions.
  • Is the lawyer a Former DUI Prosecutor? Has your lawyer ever prosecuted DUI cases in North Georgia? Does he have the background to understand the approach the prosecutor will take in your case and how to effectively fight against it?
  • Does he have an Extensive and Successful History? Does your lawyer have a history of successfully defending cases like yours including getting charges reduced and dismissed?
  • Can the lawyer Win at Trial? Does your lawyer have a proven track record as a trial attorney? Is your lawyer a proven winner with DUI jury trials?
  • Who will really represent you? Many times law firms will send associates and less experienced new lawyers to court while the lawyer you thought you were hiring is elsewhere. Don’t let this happen to you.

Your attorney must have a long history of securing favorable results for many hundreds of DUI clients in North Georgia courtrooms, and to maximize your chance to achieve a favorable outcome in your case, the lawyer needs to be a former DUI prosecuting attorney with prosecution experience in North Georgia in the exact type of case you are facing.

When you meet Mo Wiltshire you will know that he is the right attorney for you.
Reputation, Ranking and Results.

As a former prosecutor, and the former Solicitor-General for Athens, Georgia in charge of all DUI prosecution, Mo Wiltshire occupies a unique position with regard to understanding DUI prosecution and defense. Not only did he prosecute DUI’s in Athens, Ga personally, he supervised a whole office of prosecuting attorneys and mentored them as they evaluated, prepared and tried or plead each DUI case. Since he knows exactly how the prosecution works, he can exploit any weaknesses in DUI cases and use those weaknesses to your benefit. When you are looking for the best legal representation, there’s simply no substitute for the experience of former Solicitor-General Mo Wiltshire. You need and deserve to have a DUI lawyer that understands what you are going through and that cares about you and your case. In addition to being rated “ Superb” and “ 10.0” as a highly skilled DUI Defense Attorney, Mo Wiltshire was selected for a 2012 Client’s Choice Awardbased on positive feedback from grateful clients.

Clients, prosecutors and other lawyers agree, Mo Wiltshire is a premier defense attorney in North Georgia with a long track record of outstanding results both at trial and in negotiating dismissals and reductions.

“Mr. Wiltshire went above and beyond…not only did he get the charges dropped, but he helped me by going out of his way to make several calls to make sure my life stayed as normal as possible.” -DUI Client/UGA Student Fall 2012


In a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, Mo Wiltshire will get the facts of your case, discuss the penalties you are realistically facing, provide you with a straightforward evaluation of your case, and lay out a sound game plan to defend your DUI charges. Please understand, with a DUI charge in North Georgia, even your first offense, there is no way to expunge the charge. If you are convicted the DUI will remain on your criminal record. A few of the issues Mo Wiltshire frequently has success in fighting DUI in North Georgia are:

  • The reason for stopping you in the first place. Was it even a legal stop?
  • The administration of Field Sobriety Tests. Where they proper?
  • The breath or blood test administered in your case. Is it correct?
  • The implied consent warning. Where you fairly advised of your rights?
  • The basis for the DUI, and lack of proper evidence.
  • If you have been arrested for a DUI, and less than 10 business days have passed, you almost always have a critical deadline to meet in protecting your driver’s license ….don’t wait until it is too late to get the help you need.

    Mo Wiltshire has earned his reputation as the go to DUI Attorney in North Georgia and Criminal Defense lawyer in North Georgia. He can successfully defend you against all types of North Georgia Drug Charges and VGCSA charges, including Possession, Possession with Intent to Sell, Sale of Drugs or Trafficking charges. He is uniquely able to help you in DUI, DUI Alcohol, DUI Drugs, DUI Prescription Drugs, Vehicular Homicide and all Felony cases.

    Mo Wiltshire is the top DUI defense lawyer in North Georgia…but we don’t expect you to take only our word for it. Listen to what consumer rating agencies, other lawyers and clients have to say:

    “Mo Wiltshire…has a well-deserved, excellent reputation with the judges and lawyers in his circuit and beyond.” Patrick Ferris, lawyer and former prosecutor, Coffee County, Georgia

    “Mo is a skilled advocate and feared opponent. He has an excellent presence with the jury and I would highly recommend him.” David Boyle, lawyer and former prosecutor, Lawrenceville, Georgia

    “We went to jury and Mr. Wiltshire was a Rock Star in the courtroom. I could not have been more fortunate to find someone as qualified as this guy and will recommend him to everyone.” Jakob Ledbetter, a DUI client

    Mo Wiltshire is the “…best defense trial lawyer in Athens and really anywhere around this State…I would recommend him over any attorney for Criminal / DUI defense, especially in Athens.” Keith, Insurance Executive, Atlanta, GA

    Mo Wiltshire is “definitely the ‘go to’ lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases and DUI’s. Hire him.” Page Pate, federal criminal defense lawyer, Atlanta, GA

    “Mo Wiltshire is a common sense lawyer with an amazing ability to connect with people.” Eric Ballinger, lawyer, Canton, GA

    He has a “…tremendous rapport with jurors, judges, clients and other attorneys. Do not hesitate to hire Mo Wiltshire.” Kimberly Frye, lawyer and former prosecutor, Marietta, GA

    “Mo Wiltshire is a great communicator and a great lawyer. He has the ability to make juries see his side of the argument. As the former Solicitor General, he knows everybody in Athens…he will do a great job for you.” Billy Healan, lawyer, Winder, GA

    Clients, prosecutors and other lawyers agree, Mo Wiltshire is a premier defense attorney in North Georgia with a long track record of outstanding results both at trial and in negotiating dismissals and reductions.

    Top rated DUI Attorney ready to help you throughout Georgia including towns like Commerce, Jefferson, Ila, Homer, Nicholson, Arcade, Danielsville, Royston, Elberton, Athens, Hull, Toccoa, Gainesville, Bowman, Maysville, Center, Colbert, Winterville, Baldwin, Braselton, Clarkesville, Cornelia, Lavonia, Hartwell, Eatonton, Washington, Lexington, Milledgeville, Union Point, Siloam, Greensboro, Sparta, Winder, Winterville, Watkinsville and we cover many counties including Baldwin County, White County, Habersham County, Stephens County, Hall County, Banks County, Franklin County, Hart County, Jackson County, Madison County, Ebert County, Barrow County, Clarke County, Oglethorpe County, Oconee County, Putnam County and Greene County.

    If you’ve refused a blood alcohol test, or you have blown over the per se legal limit for BAC in connection with your DUI, you will likely face a separate administrative hearing that will address the pending charges and license suspension. In many cases, an administrative hearing is the only chance to obtain sworn testimony from the arresting officer prior to trial. Without the administrative hearing, your license will be suspended. Our administrative law professionals guide you through the process, which will also help with your DUI case. We know that administrative hearings can be critical to a client’s case, which is why we encourage clients to contact us immediately after being charged. The administrative hearing provides a chance to cross-examine the arresting officer under oath, which can be used to help settle or win the DUI case.

    If you refused the state required BAC test, the ALS hearing process represents a crucial crossroads for you in your DUI case. Is it best for you to press your case forward to trial or should you try to settle the ALS suspension procedure, keep your ability to drive and negotiate a plea bargain? The correct answer is ….it depends. It depends on your individual fact pattern, and the needs and the circumstances of your case. A skilled North Georgia DUI lawyer such as Athens DUI attorney Mo Wiltshire can help you find the answers and to understand that you have found the correct path for your needs.


    Just being arrested for DUI can involve serious consequences including the loss of your driver’s license. The penalties for a conviction of DUI can be devastating. Studies focusing on various states around the country have found the average total cost of a DUI conviction ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 (this includes, but is not limited to, fines, probation fees, license reinstatement fees, DUI/risk reduction class and increases in insurance premiums), and some of those costs continue increasing each year. In order to protect your rights, you need an attorney who is qualified and experienced in DUI law.

    Because DUI has so many specific laws applicable to it, a lawyer defending a person who is charged with DUI must be experienced in litigating and trying these types of cases. At Prior Daniel & Wiltshire our attorneys not only have experience defending DUI, they also have experience being “on the other side”. Mo Wiltshire spent years working in prosecuting attorney’s offices and knows exactly what the State needs to prove a DUI case.

    Call (706) 543-0002 today. Get get a skilled former DUI prosecutor fighting on your side!

    Types of DUI Charges in Georgia

    While most people have heard the term DUI, few people realize that in Georgia there are a number of ways police can charge a person with DUI. The most common way that DUIs are alleged in Georgia is that the person was under the influence of alcohol. There are two ways that the State may charge you (1) that you were under the influence of alcohol so that you were less safe to drive and (2) you were driving when your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over the legal limit: .08 for adult drivers; .04 for anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle; .02 for individuals under 21 years old.

    Did the Officer Have a Reason to Pull You Over
    In Georgia an officer must have a reason to pull your car over. A police officer is not allowed to stop your vehicle without a reasonable belief that a law has been broken. If the officer does not have a basis for pulling you over, then it is possible that any evidence the officer was able to gather after pulling you over (for example, field sobriety tests, the fact that he smelled alcohol, any statements made by the driver and any breath, blood or urine tests that were performed) would not be able to be used in court. An exception to this rule is the Road Block case. The courts in Georgia have made rules that police must follow in order for police to stop people in road blocks. Failure of the police to follow these rules means that any evidence the police obtain after stopping the car will not be able to be used in the prosecution of the case. (For example: field sobriety test results, the fact that the officer smelled alcohol, any statements made by the driver and any breath, blood or urine tests that were performed)

    Why you need to hire a DUI attorney immediately after being arrested!

    If you have ever been picked up for a DUI, it is important that you have an experienced DUI attorney working for you as quickly as possible. For those who wait months to hire a DUI attorney, they end up with a lot more problems than if they would have acted quickly. Various benefits exist to hiring a DUI attorney quickly upon being arrested for a DUI.

    When you hire an experienced DUI attorney, it will help to put your mind to rest. It can be scary enough to face a DUI conviction with an attorney by your side, so doing it alone is even more intense. If you are not familiar with the justice system, you may not have any clue what awaits you in court. You will probably be nervous and frightened with what is going to happen. Hiring a qualified DUI attorney will help to put all of those fears to rest. Just knowing that there is someone out there to help answer any questions you have is a comfort in and of itself.

    For those who retain counsel immediately in their case, it helps ensure all of the evidence is preserved. In many jurisdictions, video evidence of the arrest are available. If a blood test is performed, the sample will only be kept on file for a certain amount of time. When you have a qualified DUI attorney working for you, they will know the proper procedures for filing the right motions to help preserve any necessary evidence. Not only will they be able to request all of the evidence, but they will also take steps to help ensure it isn’t destroyed along the way.

    In a DUI case, there will probably be witnesses that need interviewing. Regardless of what type of witnesses they are, the lawyer will know what needs to be done to question the witnesses properly. Getting to work on the investigation into your case will allow your defense team to take control of the situation as soon as charges are filed against you. Many instances exist where witnesses end up forgetting information about your particular case if enough time goes by before questioning. Defense witnesses can help your case, to it is imperative that you get them on your team quickly.

    When it comes to getting the results you desire, enlisting the advice and assistance of the right DUI attorney can make all the difference.

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