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If you have been arrested and are facing charges that may have a drastic and negative effect on the future course of your life, then you owe it to yourself to seek the best help possible. Here at Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, we have earned the right to number ourselves among the very best and offer premier representation for your case, but don’t just take our word for it.   Clients, other attorneys and judges agree on our reputation as a top firm. Many national organizations rank us among the very best in the State of Georgia for Criminal Defense Law. Please read our testimonials and click on the badge below to access the link to, the world’s largest online legal directory.

  • AV Preeminent Legal Ability and Very High Ethical Standards (Martindale-Hubbell)
  • Rated “SUPERB” as a Criminal Defense Attorney (AVVO)
  • Rated “SUPERB” as a DUI Defense Attorney (AVVO)
  • Ranked as one of the Nation’s Top Attorneys (NADC)
  • Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorney (NACDA)
  • Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer (ASLA)
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyer (National Trial Lawyers)
  • Top 100 DUI Defense Attorney (NAFDD)
  • Selected as a Life Member of Trial Masters (TM)
  • Client’s Choice Award for Outstanding Service 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 (AVVO)
  • Named as one of the 10 Best in Georgia for Criminal Defense Client Satisfaction for the years 2014, 2015 & 2016 (AICOLA)
Mo Wiltshire Attorney Lawyer Athens Georgia

Attorney Mo Wiltshire OFFICE: (706) 543-0002 FAX: (706) 355-3900 EMAIL:

Our lead criminal defense attorney, Mo Wiltshire, is nationally ranked as a Top 10 Defense Attorney in Georgia by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Mo is also one of the very few attorneys in Georgia to have earned the rating “Superb” scoring a perfect “10.0/10.0” by, the world’s largest online legal directory and attorney rating and review organization, in both Criminal Defense and DUI Defense.

In the State of Georgia, less than 5% of attorneys have earned these top ratings in both Criminal Defense and DUI Defense. Mo Wiltshire is also rated as possessing “Very High Ethical Standards” by Martindale-Hubbell, the peer review attorney ethics rating guide.   Mo was also selected as one of the “Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers” in the State of Georgia by the American Society of Legal Advocates. He is also honored to be named a Top 100 Trial Attorney by The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 group.

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When you or someone you care about has just been arrested and charged with a crime, you face a challenging and difficult period that is full of questions and uncertainty. It is imperative to seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your rights. While many criminal defense attorneys will advertise their number of years of experience in the field of criminal law, it is the right kind of experience that makes a successful criminal defense attorney.

“Morris Wiltshire is an outstanding trial lawyer. I have watched him in court on numerous occasions … I watched him win a murder trial several years ago that no one else thought was winnable. He is definitely the “go to” lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases.”
Page Pate, prominent Atlanta Attorney

Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire partner, Mo Wiltshire, served as an Assistant District Attorney and as the Solicitor General for Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. He has the experience of being the person ultimately responsible for deciding which cases to prosecute and which cases not to prosecute. Having been “on the other side of the fence,” Mo Wiltshire is in a unique position to know how law enforcement works, how a prosecutor analyzes a case, the defenses available, and the means by which a criminal case can be won. If you are looking for an attorney with experience, choose the right kind of experience with Prior Daniel & Wiltshire.

Jefferson Georgia Criminal Defense

We are familiar with the governments’ techniques and strategies, and at Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire we can counter them effectively. There is simply no substitute for our skill and experience when your future is at stake. If your family faces criminal charges you need a dedicated, skilled and experienced attorney that has an outstanding record of achieving results in the courtroom. Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire attorneys stand ready to fight for you and to help you deal with the emotionally trying challenges of defending yourself and protecting your family.

“Mo has a well-deserved, excellent reputation with the judges and lawyers in his circuit and beyond. He is a lawyer you can trust to work hard for the best results in your case. ”
Patrick Ferris, Former Athens Prosecutor


Areas of expertise include:

Felony Charges such as Murder, Assault, Drug Trafficking, Weapons Offenses and Probation Violations

We represent clients, from all walks of life, charged by the government with major felony offenses. Serious charges demand a serious response from attorneys who have the background and talent to aggressively represent your interests.

DUI/DUI Alcohol/DUI Drugs, Vehicular Homicide, Suspended License & Traffic Offenses

PDW is the only firm in northeast Georgia that has a former Athens-Clarke County Solicitor-General in practice. We are extraordinarily experienced in the area of DUI and serious traffic offenses (DUI, Vehicular Homicide, Eluding the police, Reckless Driving & Suspended License) and can provide you with a level of seasoned expertise and ability not readily available elsewhere. We are uniquely positioned to fight your DUI case.

Underage Alcohol Possession/M.I.P./False I.D./Public Intoxication/Giving False Name/Alcohol related arrests

Minors (those under 21 years of age) as well as adults can face alcohol violations that have significant immediate and long term impact for employment and educational opportunities in addition to the criminal penalties that must be addressed. You need attorneys who know the system to assist you in minimizing the long term consequences.

White Collar Crime/Theft/Fraud/Embezzlement/Sexual Allegations/Allegations of Child Abuse

These charges can wreck lives and ruin careers. We can help you protect your liberty, livelihood and reputation. If you have been wrongfully accused of a sex crime such as some form of child molestation you need to secure effective representation immediately. Every day that you delay hiring a great attorney is another day your reputation suffers harm. Show the community you are serious about your innocence by retaining serious attorneys to fight for you. If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, you need a lawyer you can believe in and who will believe in you.

Mo Wiltshire is one of the very few attorneys in Georgia to have earned the rating  “Superb” scoring a perfect “10.0/10.0” by, the world’s largest online legal directory and attorney rating and review organization, in both Criminal Defense and DUI Defense. In the State of Georgia less than 5% of attorneys have earned these top ratings in both Criminal Defense and DUI Defense. Mo Wiltshire is also rated as possessing “Very High Ethical Standards” by Martindale-Hubbell the peer review attorney ethics rating guide. Call Attorney Morris H. Wiltshire today at (706) 543-0002.

MORRIS H. WILTSHIRE, JR. “Mo” is a Partner with Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC. and Mo is ready to speak with you about your case…he can help.

Mo Wiltshire Attorney Lawyer Athens Georgia

Attorney Mo Wiltshire OFFICE: (706) 543-0002 FAX: (706) 355-3900 EMAIL:

Criminal defense attorney ready to help you throughout Georgia including towns like Commerce, Jefferson, Ila, Homer, Nicholson, Arcade, Danielsville, Royston, Elberton, Athens, Hull, Toccoa, Gainesville, Bowman, Maysville, Center, Colbert, Winterville, Baldwin, Braselton, Clarkesville, Cornelia, Lavonia, Hartwell, Eatonton, Washington, Lexington, Milledgeville, Union Point, Siloam, Greensboro, Sparta, Winder, Winterville, Watkinsville and we cover many counties including Baldwin County, White County, Habersham County, Stephens County, Hall County, Banks County, Franklin County, Hart County, Jackson County, Madison County, Ebert County, Barrow County, Clarke County, Oglethorpe County, Oconee County, Putnam County and Greene County.

Sex Crimes in Georgia
In the State of Georgia sex crimes include charges varying all the way from rape to sexual battery, from aggravated child molestation to the sexual exploitation of minors. The sentences handed down and punishment meted out can cover a broad spectrum, but it is a simple fact that most of these crimes carry very serious and lengthy sentences of incarceration in prison. Most of Georgia’s felony sex crimes will all involve long mandatory minimum sentences.  In most all cases involving sex crimes rise or fall based upon a attorney’s ability to conduct a thorough and effective pretrial investigation and preparation.

While the Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire’s principal offices are located in Athens, GA, Madison, GA, Watkinsville, GA and Atlanta, GA, Mo Wiltshire has travelled and frequently travels to court all over North Georgia and throughout the State of Georgia to represent clients from all walks of life who find themselves accused of sex crime violations. With few exceptions, if your case is pending in any county courthouse in North Georgia from Milledgeville to Dalton, Mo Wiltshire has been there, representing Georgia citizens and helping good people with big problems.

Violent Crimes in Georgia
Violent crimes, from assault to manslaughter to murder, carry some of the most significant penalties in the entirety of Georgia’s criminal justice system. If you have been accused of a violent crime, you are likely to be facing a very substantial prison sentence, the loss of your job, and a damaging permanent felony criminal record. If you have been accused of assaulting someone with a deadly weapon or causing serious bodily injury, you could well be facing grave felony criminal penalties. At Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire we will explore all the options for helping you avoid these severe consequences.

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Drug Crimes in Georgia
A drug related charge is a very serious matter. In the State of Georgia, any conviction for V.G.C.S.A. (Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act) including unlawful possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth or methamphetamines, ecstasy, fraudulent prescriptions, prescription drugs or any other controlled or contraband substance can have a very destructive effect upon your life. Depending on the exact nature of the charges, you can face the civil forfeiture of your car, your money, your house, or other property in addition to criminal penalties. If you are a University of Georgia student or employee, you can face serious threats to your academic career including academic probation, suspension or dismissal.
•Drug charges can carry harsh prison sentences, lengthy probation and oppressive fines in criminal court.
•Any conviction for drugs or contraband carries a driver’s license suspension by the State.
•In fact, they can affect employment opportunities, as well as your ability to receive student loans, apply for certain licenses, and obtain security clearances.

To protect yourself or your family member facing drug charges, you need serious help and you need it quickly.
•You cannot afford to wait and hope things somehow get better when your future is literally at stake.
•You need to hire the very best attorney available to you. These cases demand a seasoned attorney who knows the system and has the skills and knowledge to provide truly superior representation.
•Morris “Mo” Wiltshire is the attorney that can help you in your situation.

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