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Athens Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyer & car accident attorney in Athens, Georgia is standing by ready to talk to you about your case. If you, or a loved one, has been injured or experienced loss as the result of someone else’s negligent acts, then it’s time to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Athens right now.

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Our personal injury lawyers have a record of success, winning settlements and verdicts that have allowed our clients to turn their lives around after experiencing injury or loss. When you or a loved one find themselves in a situation where you need, or even think you need, to speak with a personal injury lawyer, call the experts at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire.

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The lawyers at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire have recovered millions of dollarsin personal injury claims for our deserving clients.

No Charge for a Consultation and Evaluation of your Medical claim by our on-staff registered nurse.

Wrongful Death and Personal Injury can dramatically impact a person’s wellbeing and ability to earn a living. We understand this at Prior, Daniel and Wiltshire, LLC. When representing a client, we strive to make the person whole from any injury.

Often, personal injury matters become complex with unique medical issues and insurance coverage issues. With a combined 50 years of experience in personal injury matters and a Registered Nurse on staff, Prior, Daniel and Wiltshire has the expertise to successfully address any issue that may arise in a personal injury matter.

We have on-call video consultation to create professional trial and mediation presentations, which results in successful resolution to personal injury cases. Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire utilizes the highest-level litigation software to ensure, if trial is necessary, your interest will be passionately represented in court.

If you are looking for an attorney experienced in Personal Injury, contact Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC and ask for Michael C. Daniel or Morris Wiltshire. 706-543-0002.

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It is also true, though, that your case will involve medical information and financial information.  It is important, then, to obtain assistance from a firm that can handle these areas as well. At PDW, your legal options, medical consultation, and financial questions can be handled in one phone call – today. There is no obligation and we are only paid if we recover for you or your loved ones. Again, there is no obligation and we look forward to talking with you.

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Personal Injury Attorney Athens

Are you looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Athens, Ga?    If so, you need to call Michael Daniel from Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire today @ 706-543-0002.  Michael has a strong reputation in Athens, Ga. for his success in personal injury cases.  When you find yourself in need of an attorney specializing in personal injury in Athens, Ga., then give Michael Daniel a call right now!

Personal Injury Lawyer in Athens, Ga.


What is a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are hired by clients who are seeking compensation due to an injury – whether physical or mental – as a result of negligence from a another person or entity.  ‘Entities’ in a personal injury case can represent a business, organization, government agency, or some other establishment besides an individual.

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Personal injury attorneys are located throughout the entire United States and are located in nearly every city, including attorneys who practice personal injury in Athens, Ga.  What’s unique about a personal injury attorney in Athens, Ga. is that the Athens area is a small metropolitan area, but located very closely – within 2 hours – of the larger metro area of Atlanta.  This makes personal injury lawyers in Athens, Ga. in very high demand from clients all over Athens and the metro Atlanta area.

Practicing personal injury in Athens, Ga.


Personal injury in Athens, Georgia can occur in many different ways and within many different environments.  For example, a personal injury attorney in Athens may be particularly sensitive to cases in and around The University of Georgia – personal injury in Athens can take the form of work injuries, slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents for both the one who caused the accident and the one injured in the accident, and medical malpractice personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Attorneys & Their Reputation 


As a result of personal injury attorney’s focusing on automobile accidents and slip and fall type accidents, the personal injury lawyer sometimes takes a bad rap for his or her area of specialty and be labeled an “ambulance chaser” – a personal injury attorney who literally chases ambulances in an attempt to acquire more clients and generate more business.  This “label” is far from the truth for most practicing personal injury attorneys as they first and foremost stand to represent the client and their rights to compensation for the negligent acts of others.

On the other hand, the personal injury attorney, such as the personal injury attorneys in Athens, Ga. at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire, should be regarded as valuable to you, the client, who may have been injured and are in need of someone giving you a voice of defense.  Negligence can be a very harmful thing, and in some cases it can be deadly.  But a highly skilled personal injury lawyer can represent you or your loved ones and ensure that guilty parties pay for their negligence.  The compensation that a good personal injury attorney can generate to you, the victim of negligence, can help you and your family in many different ways, especially during difficult times.

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What does a personal injury attorney in Athens, Ga. actually do?


First of all, a highly skilled personal injury attorney in Athens is going to be someone who has years of experience in personal injury law with a track record of success.  The personal injury attorney who parades around touting themselves as an “expert in personal injury”, but does not have the credentials behind them or the track record of success, should be considered a credible personal injury attorney.  However, a personal injury attorney with experience and credentials should be considered your first choice in your personal injury matters.

One of the things a personal injury attorney does all day is study what’s called Tort Reform or Tort Law.  Tort law falls under the realm of civil law or civil litigation.  This means, personal injury law that falls under Tort law, is an area of practice that is civil in nature, as opposed to criminal law or criminal in nature, and thus requiring a criminal attorney.  Tort law, since it is what governs or sets the guidelines for civil litigation and compensation of damages in cases such as personal injury in Athens, Ga., is the foundation of personal injury law.   A tort, or tort law, is the common law of the particular jurisdiction (such as Athens, Ga.) that governs a civil wrong – again, Tort law deals specifically with civil law.  It’s the Tort laws that deal directly with a person, or company’s, behavior in matters where that behavior has acted unfairly toward another individual and has caused undue hardship, suffering, loss, harm, or even death.

Another way to think of “Tort law” is that it’s the law that deals with causing harm to other people.  Personal injury in Athens, Ga. is built on the exact same set of laws and principles, and the personal injury attorney is the one who administers (defends or prosecutes) according to the Tort law.

Personal Injury Athens, Ga. – How does a personal injury attorney get paid?


Personal injury attorneys in Athens, Ga., just like personal injury lawyers anywhere in the United States, can receive compensation for their representation in wide varieties of ways but there’s one way form of payment that’s particularly more prominent than all the others.  A personal injury attorney can receive payment in the form of a pre-agreed upon hourly rate, and the client pay the personal injury attorney based on the number of hours worked.  Another form a payment can be an agreed up set amount, an amount predetermined and specified by the personal injury attorney based on his or her assessment of the time and worked involved in the case.

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And then based on that predetermined amount, the client could even pay the personal injury attorney in Athens a portion of the payment up front and the remaining amount at the end of the case, pay the full amount up front, or even pay the personal injury attorney the full amount at the end of the case.  But the one way that a personal injury lawyer in Athens receives payment, above and beyond all other payment methods, is with what’s called a contingency fee.  Contingency fees typically take the form of a percentage of total compensation generated from a personal injury law suit.

For example, the personal injury attorney can state that 30% of the compensation or award from a personal injury judgement will be retained by the attorney.  The exact amount or percentage amount will vary depending on the personal injury attorney’s fee structure, but the contingency fee is definitely the most popular way for a personal injury lawyer to be paid.  This is true also of personal injury in Athens, Ga.

What’s the value of a high quality personal injury attorney?


The value of a first class personal injury lawyer is invaluable, especially for the people who have found themselves in a situation where they’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence.  The skilled personal injury attorney can be especially valuable when you find yourself or your loved one in a situation where accidental death is involved.  In situations like this, a personal injury attorney with a high level of experience and skill will be necessary to help you and your family, or loved ones, navigate the Tort reform as it relates to accidental death cases.

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