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Facing an MIP, Minor in Possession, Underage Alcohol , Fraudulent I.D., Misdemeanor Marijuana or related arrest in Athens, Georgia? Protecting your record for many reasons including education, employment and career options should be your primary and immediate concern.

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You must have an experienced and talented attorney. You need Mo Wiltshire the “go to” lawyer for these types of charges and one of the top lawyers in Athens, Clarke County and all of North Georgia.

“…we had so much anxiety over this situation. We appreciate all that you and your firm did on our behalf, especially the many calls that you had to field from us as panicked parents.”
-Parents of a client 2013

Simply one of the very best defense attorneys in Athens, Ga. and anywhere in North Georgia. PDW partner Mo Wiltshire is rated “SUPERB” a perfect 10 as a  Defense lawyer by AVVO.Com the world’s largest online legal rating service.
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We are consistently recognized for high achievement in client services. In addition to winning a Client’s Choice Award for 2012 , 2013 and again for 2014 from AVVO.com , the world’s largest online rating service, Mo Wiltshire has just been named one of the “10 Best Attorneys” in Georgia for Client Satisfaction for 2014 by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Alcohol, UGA and the Athens legal system:

This is SEC Country and that means in southern college towns, such as Athens, underage drinking and specifically underage alcohol prohibition is a very common source of legal trouble. Georgia football Saturdays are very special occasions for fans, students and often for our local law enforcement.
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To be blunt, the authorities in Athens take a very hard stance in enforcing DUI, MIP and other alcohol related laws. You can be charged with MIP even if the police do not catch you with an alcoholic beverage….consumption of alcohol can be the basis of an arrest.

Our firm’s lead partner for these type cases is the former Solicitor-General for Athens. He supervised the office in charge of prosecuting the very charges you are facing. We are the only firm in North Georgia that can provide this unique type of experience and insider knowledge. Whether you are charged with an MIP offense or other Alcohol misdemeanor, a DUI, a Fraudulent I.D. charge or some other charge our experienced attorney’s and caring staff are here to help. We understand the law and the difficulties you face as a young person or student charged with a crime in Athens, GA.

Sometimes good people, even excellent students, find themselves in bad situations. We can help. When your future is threatened why wouldn’t you want your attorney in Athens, Ga to be the former Athens prosecutor?.

Don’t struggle with the uncertainty of what may happen in court? What will happen to my education plans? Can I preserve and protect my criminal record? What about my future employment prospects? Can I keep this arrest off my record? These worries and many others can be addressed when you schedule your free conference with Mo Wiltshire.

Parents: we know what you are dealing with…and we are ready help.

When children are off to college we face concerns never before contemplated. Dealing with these concerns is difficult enough without a late night phone call from the Clarke County Jail. Unfortunately, the phone can ring with just such news. Parents with sons or daughters arrested for MIP, DUI or other charges need to understand they are not alone and that their dilemma is not unique. While you as parents have, hopefully, very limited experience with these situations PDW has vast experience in helping parents cope and answering your questions so that you can understand your options and make good choices.

If you are wondering is it more likely my child will be arrested in Athens, Georgia than elsewhere the answer, sadly, is yes. Nearly 1,000 minors are arrested for alcohol possession each year in Clarke County, leaving them with criminal records instead of citations. Many people are asking if Georgia’s youth are being unnecessarily criminalized.
According to research by WSB-ATLANTA Under Age Alcohol Punished More Harshly in Athens
We make it easy for parents to be involved in the process. We gladly invest the time to talk with you to be sure you understand all the options available and can help you chart your best route forward.

You really should discuss your MIP or alcohol related case with the best attorney available in Athens, Ga.

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More resources for parents and students:

http://www.uhs.uga.edu/aod/policy.html  (UGA Alcohol Policy)

http://www.conduct.uga.edu/  (UGA Student Conduct home page)

http://www.conduct.uga.edu/parents/notification.html  (Parents info on UGA Student Conduct)

http://www.conduct.uga.edu/judiciary/index.html  (UGA Judiciary Prodedure)

http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/fact-sheets/underage-drinking.htm  (CDC stats)

http://www.oas.samhsa.gov/public.cfm  (fed gov stats)

http://flagpole.com/news/2012/aug/15/crime-and-punishment/  (a lighter note from Flagpole but still good information)

http://www.redandblack.com/news/fake-id-arrests-could-cost-students-up-to/article_fd7d9f5c-3b50-11e2-a4e8-001a4bcf6878.html#user-comment-area  (Mo Wiltshire quoted in Red and Black about Fake I.D. Issues)

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