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Arrested? Facing criminal charges? Looking for the best lawyer for your Homer or Banks County Georgia Case? A top rated and highly regarded successful lawyer?  

Speak to a highly skilled and veteran defense lawyer, former district attorney and prosecutor today. Call Mo Wiltshire (706) 543-0002 to speak to Mo or email mwiltshire@pdwlawfirm.com for a free consultation.
Were you stopped on I-85 or Hwy 441 and searched by the police, sheriff’s deputies or state patrol? You need a great lawyer not just any lawyer. Mo Wiltshire is highly rated and is helping good people in big trouble all over North Georgia including lots of folks in Banks County….he can help you.

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As a former DUI prosecutor, and the former Solicitor-General in charge of all DUI prosecution, PDW partner and DUI Attorney Mo Wiltshire occupies a unique position with regard to understanding DUI prosecution and defense in Homer,Ga and Banks County GA. Not only did he prosecute DUI’s personally but he supervised a whole office of prosecuting attorney’s and mentored them as they evaluated, prepared and tried or plead each DUI case. Since he knows exactly how the prosecution works, he can exploit any weaknesses in DUI cases in Homer,Ga and Banks County GA and use those weaknesses to your benefit. When you are looking for the best DUI lawyer in Homer,Ga and Banks County GA, there’s simply no substitute for the experience of former Solicitor-General Mo Wiltshire.

Homer Ga and Banks County GA Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, we are familiar with the governments’ techniques and strategies, and we can counter them effectively. There is simply no substitute for our skill and experience when your future is at stake. If your family faces criminal charges in the Homer,Ga and Banks County GA, area you need a dedicated, skilled and experienced defense lawyer that has an outstanding record of achieving results in the courtroom in Homer,Ga and Banks County GA. PDW criminal law attorneys stand ready to fight for you and to help you deal with the emotionally trying challenges of defending yourself and protecting your family.

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Homer and Banks County GA Personal Injury Attorneys

Our personal injury attorneys have had years of success evaluating and litigating serious injury and wrongful death cases in Homer, Ga and Banks County GAresulting from Automobile, Truck, Motorcycle, Boating, Industrial and other accidents. We have tried these cases from both the Plaintiff’s side of the claim as well as from the insurance defense perspective in Homer, Ga and Banks County GA GA. We are ready and able to counter insurance company strategy and maximize the recovery you are entitled to receive. Please let us help you on your road to recovery.

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Homer, GA is the county seat in Banks County,GA. Established in 1858, it carved itself from tracts of Habersham and Franklin counties’ lands. Since the Treaty of Augusta in 1783, the county’s territory had bordered the Cherokee Indian Nation, and so, fittingly, the county honors a circuit-riding physician, Dr. Richard Banks of Gainesville, who treated not only settlers of the area but their Cherokee neighbors when smallpox struck. Homer, GA is the county seat. The early economy in Homer and Banks County was based on cotton and corn, but this gave way to beef and poultry production in the 1920’s and textile manufacturing and poultry feeds by the 1960’s. Today Homer, Ga and Banks County is growing rapidly thanks to the increase in the retail and tourism industries located at Banks Crossing (Exit 149, I-85 & US 441).

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“Morris Wiltshire is an outstanding trial lawyer. I have watched him in court on numerous occasions … I watched him win a murder trial several years ago that no one else thought was winnable. He is definitely the “go to” lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases.” 

Page Pate, prominent Atlanta Attorney
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