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DUI arrest? Need help? When you are looking to hire the best DUI lawyer in Watkinsville, GA and Oconee County, GA you need to call former Solicitor-General Mo Wiltshire. You are certainly going to want to know that your lawyer does not just claim to be a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer. You are going to want to feel confident that the DUI lawyer really understands your situation and can provide the critical help you need and deserve. You will be confident in your choice of Mo Wiltshire to represent you and you feel this confidence for very good reasons.

Mo is rated SUPERB and a perfect 10 as a DUI Defense Lawyer by AVVO.com the world’s largest online legal rating service.

As a former prosecutor, and the former Solicitor-General for Athens in charge of all DUI prosecution, Mo Wiltshire occupies a unique position with regard to understanding DUI prosecution and defense in Watkinsville GA and Oconee County GA. Not only did he prosecute DUI’s personally in the Watkinsville, GA and Oconee County area but he supervised a whole office of prosecuting attorney’s and mentored them as they evaluated, prepared and tried or plead each DUI case. Since he knows exactly how the prosecution works, he can exploit any weaknesses in Watkinsville GA and Oconee County GA DUI cases and use those weaknesses to your benefit. When you are looking for the best DUI lawyer in Watkinsville GA and Oconee County GA, there’s simply no substitute for the experience of former Solicitor-General Mo Wiltshire.
Best DUI Defense in Watkinsville

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Mo Wiltshire has earned his reputation as the go to criminal defense lawyer in Northeast Georgia. He can successfully defend you against all types of Georgia Drug Charges and VGCSA charges, including Possession, Possession with Intent to Sell, Sale of Drugs or Trafficking charges. He is uniquely able to help you in DUI, DUI Alcohol, DUI Drugs, DUI Prescription Drugs, Vehicular Homicide and all Felony cases. Mo is a former prosecutor and is top ranked as a defense lawyer and is rated Superb, a 10.0 with very high ethical standards.

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We help good people in big trouble in Watkinsville and Oconee County, Georgia…we can help you.

Best DUI Lawyer in Watkinsville

Please understand that an arrest does not mean you are guilty. You have the right to fight your DUI, and a Watkinsvile GA and Oconee County DUI attorney can ensure your rights are fully protected throughout your case. An arrest for a Watkinsville DUI requires a great attorney. A DUI lawyer who has attained results in hundreds of DUI cases in North Georgia, including total dismissal of DUI charges, reductions to reckless driving charges, and reductions to other lesser included offenses.

A skilled Watkinsville Ga and Oconee County DUI attorney can challenge the evidence against you and investigate the facts of your traffic stop. There may be important details that can lead to a dismissal or reduction of your case. A DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record and may cause you big trouble in terms of employment oppprtunites and insurance coverage.

College Student or Underage DUI or MIP? We help good kids that get in trouble. Our experience matters.

This is SEC Country and that means in southern college towns, such as Athens, underage drinking and specifically underage alcohol prohibition is a very common source of legal trouble. Georgia football Saturdays are very special occasions for fans, students and often for our local law enforcement. To be blunt, the authorities in Athens and Watkinsville GA take a very hard stance in enforcing DUI, MIP and other alcohol related laws. You can be charged with MIP even if the police do not catch you with an alcoholic beverage….consumption of alcohol can be the basis of an arrest.
Best DUI lawyer in Oconee County

Our firm’s lead partner for these type cases is the former Solicitor-General for Athens. He supervised the office in charge of prosecuting the very charges you are facing. We are the only firm in North Georgia that can provide this unique type of experience and insider knowledge. Whether you are charged with an MIP offense or other Alcohol misdemeanor, a DUI, a Fraudulent I.D. charge or some other charge in Watkinsville Ga or Oconee County our experienced attorney’s and caring staff are here to help. We understand the law and the difficulties you face as a student charged with a crime. Sometimes good people find themselves in bad situation. We can help.


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At Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, we are familiar with the governments’ techniques and strategies, and we can counter them effectively. There is simply no substitute for our skill and experience when your future is at stake. When you face criminal charges in the Watkinsville GA and Oconee County GA area you want a gifted aggressive and smart lawyer that has an top record of achieving superb results in the courtroom. Our criminal defense attorneys are eager to fight for you in Watkinsville GA and Oconee County GA.

Our senior criminal defense partner, the former prosecutor, Mo Wiltshire is highly regarded as a skilled trial lawyer of the first order. Mo is one of the very few lawyers in the area to hold a 10 out of 10 perfect rating as both a Criminal Defense Attorney and a DUI Attorney in Watkinsville, Ga and Oconee County.

State wide, less than five percent of lawyers hold this top rating in both Criminal Law and DUI Law categories.

Mo Wiltshire lives and breathes the concept of innocent until proven guilty and practices law with your rights firmly in mind. With his backgorund as a serious felony and DUI prosecutor he understands exactly what is important in protecting your rights, your liberty and your reputation. He also knows when things are not important. In quality criminal defense, knowing when and how to fight is just as important as having the will to fight.

Mo Wiltshire has tried well over one hundred jury trials and successfully litigated every type of criminal charge from murder charges down to misdemeanors.

There is simply no substitute for great skill and experience when your future is at stake. If your family faces criminal charges you need a dedicated, trusted and seasoned lawyer that has an outstanding record of achieving top results in the courtroom. Mo Wiltshire stands ready to fight for you and to help you deal with the emotionally trying challenges of defending yourself and protecting your family, your liberty and your reputation.

While serving as a prosecutor, Mo Wiltshire spent years working closely with police agencies and as Solicitor-General managing and supervising every case brought in State Court in Athens. He has acquired the firsthand knowledge of police procedure that can only be gleaned as a prosecutor. Mo Wiltshire knows the common mistakes that police and other law enforcement personnel make in investigating facts, arresting suspects, in collecting, cataloging and preserving evidence, and in putting together their cases.

Mo Wiltshire was selected for a Client’s Choice Award for 2012, 2013,2014 and again for 2015.

A highly skilled, winning lawyer with a long record of achieving not guilty verdicts at jury trials and successful negotiations with prosecutors is what you need to help you meet the challenges of an arrest on drug charges. You need Mo Wiltshire… call today for your free consultation.

At the Law Offices of Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, we offer experienced representation at an affordable price. We believe in making our legal services affordable to North Georgia residents. Paying for our services is easy; credit cards accepted. With our broad expertise and insider knowledge, hesitate no longer; contact Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire to serve as your Athens criminal lawyer today!


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Watkinsville GA, the seat of Oconee County,GA has been a center of social life and a hub for local politics in northeast Georgia since the early nineteenth century. The city’s agricultural economy has been replaced by light industry, small businesses, and the development of an arts community. The Town Center retail and office complex in downtown Watkinsville contains restaurants, fashionable, salons, and shops, while antique and retail shops line Main Street. The City, whose slogan is “The Artland of Georgia,” also supports a thriving arts community that contributes to the local economy. PDW Law Firm offers the following legal services to residents of Watkinsville, GA.

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