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You need an aggressive and experienced DUI attorney in Athens, Ga. why not put over 20 years experience to work in your DUI case?  

Call the former head DUI prosecutor for Athens, Georgia. Call the most experienced, knowledgeable, and highly rated DUI attorney in Athens-Clarke County, Ga. at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire.

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Athens GA DUI Attorney
Arrested for DUI in Athens? You have serious trouble.You need to call former DUI prosecutor Mo Wiltshire, the top DUI Attorney in Athens and all of Northeast Georgia.   Ranked as one of the Top 10 Defense Lawyers in the State for Client Satisfaction in 2014 by the AIOCLA.
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“I help good people in big trouble all over Georgia” -Mo Wiltshire

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When you need a DUI attorney in Athens, Ga., then call Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire and put over 20 years of experience to work for you in your DUI case. Mo Wiltshire, the former Solicitor-General for Athens, GA, is renowned as a top rated DUI Attorney in North Georgia and is a former DUI Prosecutor.

Mo has earned the highest possible ranking for a DUI Defense Attorney, “Superb” and a perfect “10 out of 10″ by the world’s largest online legal directory and rating organization, AVVO. As a former DUI prosecutor Mo Wiltshire knows how to answer all of your DUI questions, and provide you with the most knowledgeable and aggressive DUI representation for your DUI arrest in Athens, Ga. Give us a call today @ 706-543-0002 or contact us through our website with all of your DUI questions.  Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire provide aggressive and experienced representation for DUI cases in Athens, Ga.

“We went to trial and Mr. Wiltshire was a rockstar in the courtroom.” -Jakob Ledbetter, a DUI client

Top DUI lawyer in Athens

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We have all had issues, at one time or another, with our driving record.  Maybe one of those hot summer nights in Athens, Ga. you made a mistake and thought you would be able to drive even though you probably had one too many drinks at the bar.  Or with Athens, Ga. being one of the best partying and college towns in the country, perhaps at several of the bars here in Athens. And after leaving the bar and getting behind the wheel of your car, you thought you’d be able to make it home without incident.

Unfortunately, one of Athens, Ga. police officers decided to pull you over and you now find yourself facing a DUI arrest. At times like this, you need a DUI attorney in Athens, Ga. that understands the DUI laws and the intricacies of all the legal factors involved. Whenever you are looking for a DUI lawyer in Athens, Ga. that can help you with your DUI case, you should spend some time on this site so you can read up on all of the things that will help you with choosing the right DUI attorney in a city like Athens.

“The best defense trial lawyer in Athens.” -K.W., Atlanta Executive

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Aggressive, Experienced DUI Attorneys in Athens, Ga. Ready To Fight For You In Your DUI Case – Get The DUI Representation You Need Right Here In Athens, Ga.
Athens GA DUI Attorney
If you’ve been arrested for DUI here in the great city of Athens, Ga. then you need a DUI attorney here in Athens, Ga. that can help you with your DUI case. You’ll be able to benefit from over 20 years of legal experience in your DUI case from DUI lawyers in Athens, Ga . that have been successfully representing clients in Athens and within the Clarke County Courts. 

Put the experience of thousands of  DUI cases here in Athens, Ga. and Clarke County Courts, even DUI jury trials, to work for you. Call PDW where you’ll put over 20 years experience of DUI legal representation in Athens, Ga to work for you. We all have been pulled over at some point of our driving career but you better believe that we would not want to get in trouble for a DUI. If you are reading this article from a mobile phone we want to welcome you to our site for DUI lawyer in Athens.

No matter what your mind is going through right now, knowing about the need for a real DUI attorney in Athens, Ga. is critically important.  Your DUI case needs to be properly represented by an attorney that can help you navigate the complexities of DUI laws, and help you stay on the right path during this difficulty and sometimes confusing time.  Our clients are consistently completely satisfied with our DUI representation.

Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire: DUI Attorneys in Athens, Ga.

“Mr. Wiltshire went above and beyond…not only did he get the charges dropped, but he helped me by going out of his way to make several calls to make sure my life stayed as normal as possible.” -DUI Client/UGA Student Fall 2012

With the usual day-to-day stress that people go through, we understand how a DUI arrest can add extensive stress to your life.   Even with the legal blood alcohol levels, people typically believe they can handle more alcohol than they are actually able to handle before going over that legal limit. And with people drinking, and believing they are OK to drive, especially in the bars here in Athens, this is when they decide to grab their keys and try to drive home.  And when you are arrested for a DUI, you need a DUI attorney here in Athens, Ga. that’s ready and waiting to take on your case and provide you with the absolute best legal representation you need in your DUI case.   Click on any of the AVVO.com seals to follow the link and review Mo Wiltshire’s profile.

Our DUI attorney in Athens is available to speak to you and answer any questions you may have while working on your DUI case.  And you’ll have over 20 years of DUI representation experience at work for you. Are you facing a DUI charge in North Georgia? Even on a first time ever DUI charge you are at immediate risk of having to suffer significant penalties: -Loss of your driver’s license and the “Ten Day Rule”. -Mandatory jail time and lengthy probation time. -Mandatory substance abuse evaluation, and mandatory treatment if recommended. -Heavy fines and probation fees in addition to drastically increased insurance costs. -Loss of job/career/future employment opportunities and loss of peace of mind and prestige.

“I was facing loss of my license for a year and a DUI on my record and he was able to get that reduced to reckless driving and I was able to keep my license. He is the man if you need help with a DUI.” -Don, Middle Georgia Medical Professional”

Are you looking for the best lawyer available to help you with your case…a lawyer who really can help you? You need to ask any lawyer you are considering some tough questions. Is the lawyer a Former DUI Prosecutor? Has your lawyer ever prosecuted DUI cases in North Georgia? Does he have the background to understand the approach the prosecutor will take in your case and how to effectively fight against it? Does he have an Extensive and Successful History? Does your lawyer have a history of successfully defending cases like yours including getting charges reduced and dismissed?  
Can the lawyer Win at Trial? Does your lawyer have a proven track record as a trial attorney? Is your lawyer a proven winner with DUI jury trials?

Who will really represent you? Many times law firms will send associates and less experienced new lawyers to court while the lawyer you thought you were hiring is elsewhere. Don’t let this happen to you.

Resources for DUI in Athens, Ga.

Athens DUI / Drug Court:    The DUI/Drug Court Difference –The Athens DUI/Drug Court provides an opportunity for early treatment intervention that involves enhanced supervision, counseling and treatment for the participant to function in the community with continuing support…   read more >> 

Georgia DUI Records:   Georgia DUI public directory of DUI arrests.

Athens / Clarke County Superior Courts:

Why You Need To Hire An Athens DUI Attorney

An arrest for driving under the influence of a substance is a serious offense. When an arrest occurs, it is important to hire an Athens DUI attorney and get professional help to represent the case. Hiring an attorney might seem expensive, but it is a helpful measure when facing DUI charges.
Athens GA DUI Attorney
Athens GA DUI Attorney
Learning Your Rights:

A DUI attorney in Athens understands all of the legal rights his or her clients are entitled to use and obtain. Although most individuals are aware of some rights, such as the Miranda Rights and the right to a phone call, every type of offense has different rights that are associated with the situation.

Hiring an attorney will prevent complications related to confusion between rights and privileges. Although the attorney will provide education regarding legal rights, he or she has a wide range of other responsibilities that are useful when facing a DUI charge.

Bargaining on the Sentence:

Although you might decide to plead guilty for any reason, an Athens DUI attorney can make it easier to reduce the sentence after the case and helps reduce the final sentence to the least possible option based on the number of offenses and the situation involved.

Bargaining on the sentence is one of the main responsibilities of the attorney. The professional will help negotiate to reduce the sentence as much as possible based on the situation.

Best DUI Lawyer Athens, GA

Taking the Case to Trial:

In some situations, you might feel that a DUI charge in Athens is not appropriate. For example, if you had a single drink and your blood alcohol content number is lower than 0.08, then you might decide to plead not guilty and take the case to a trial.

Although it is possible to represent yourself during a trial, it is usually not the best decision. An attorney knows the laws relating to driving under the influence and will have more information to work with to prove the situation does not call for an arrest or a charge.

Facing the Same Charge:

If you have been arrested for a DUI in the past, then you will want to hire an attorney. The attorney can help reduce the sentence and provides a defense when the second or third offense will cause serious financial strife. The second, third and fourth offenses face more serious consequences and can include felony charges in some states.

Hiring an Athens DUI attorney is a smart way to handle the situation when facing charges for intoxicated driving. It is best to hire an attorney, even if the plan is pleading guilty to the charges. By hiring an attorney, it is possible to reduce the sentence or eliminate the charges in a trial.

Athens Clarke-County Court Information:

The Athens Clarke County Courthouse houses both the Municipal Court, State Court Superior Court and the Probate Court. The courthouse is located at:

325 East Washington St.
Athens, Georgia 30601

Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Municipal Court info:

Telephone: 706-613-3690

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM

JUDGE: Leslie Spornberger – (706) 613-3694

CLERK OF COURT: Rhonda D. Bolton

SOLICITOR-GENERAL: C. R. Chislom (706) 613-3215

Pre-Trial Diversion information

Probation Services in Athens

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Top Ranked DUI Defense in Athens, GA
 Be sure to contact us for help within 10 business days of the date of your DUI arrest so that your driver’s license can be protected from automatic suspension under Georgia Administrative License Suspension procedures. Don’t wait and hope things somehow get better. The only sure way for things to get better with your case is to consult the right lawyer for the case and lawyer that really can help you. Former Athens Solicitor General Mo Wiltshire has the ideal background, skill set and track record to help you face down the government efforts to brand you as a DUI offender.

In Athens our city is policed by many different law enforcement agencies including the following:

Athens-Clarke County Police Department
University of Georgia Police Department
Georgia State Patrol (Athens Post 32)
Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks DUI Squad
Athens Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

These various agencies, and many others (especially on home football game weekends) aggressively patrol and use all manner of roadblocks and check points to seek out and arrest suspected DUI offenders. They are not patrolling to give warning tickets and “help folks get home”. DUI enforcement here in Athens, GA is among the most stringent in the State of Georgia and in the entire United States.

In Athens, Georgia we see just over 1,000 arrests for DUI per year. You are not alone facing these type charges and you need to accept that the arrest does not mean you will be convicted. You do not have to accept being branded a criminal by the State–you can fight back effectively if you have the right lawyer. Even if the evidence against you seems strong you should call Mo Wiltshire, former Athens DUI Prosecutor and now an Top Rated Athens DUI Defense Attorney. There is no fee to discuss your case with Mo Wiltshire. Call today, learn your options and then make a sound decision about what is best for you.

Best DUI Attorney in Athens Georgia
GEORGIA’s DUI LAW: Implied Consent and the Intox 9000 Testing machine.
In summary, the Intoxilyzer™ 9000 measures the degree alcohol absorbs infrared (IR) energy…the more alcohol present, the greater the absorption. The instrument verifies the pattern of absorption to identify alcohol and the amount of absorption to quantify alcohol in a breath sample. The Intoxilyzer™ 9000 then prints the analytical result in grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath as required by Georgia law. The GBI Division of Forensic Sciences promulgates a training manual for officers permitted to administer Breath Alcohol Testing in Georgia. The introduction to this 2014 tome reads as follows, “Since the dawn of the automotive age alcohol consumption has been inextricably linked to public safety. As early as 1904, investigators started to notice a growing link between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and motor vehicle involved fatalities. In the ensuing years, scientific research was successful in determining a direct correlation between a motorist’s alcohol level and their risk of motor vehicle fatality. This ultimately culminated in the establish-ment of the first DUI legislation that directly defined permissible alcohol levels in the driving public in 1939.

Once established, this legislation created a new challenge for law enforcement officers seeking to enforce it. Due to the fleeting nature of alcohol in the human body, the obtaining of search warrants for the timely collection of specimen became a limiting factor in the enforcement of DUI laws. To resolve this problem New York state passed the first Im-plied Consent law in 1953. This Implied Consent law conditionally granted driving privileges to the motoring public in exchange for implied consent to test their blood, breath, or urine for alcohol if probable cause existed to believe they were DUI.”

In order to protect the motoring and boating public Georgia has passed its own DUI and Implied Consent laws that can be found in Titles 40 and 52 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.). Some of the laws directly pertaining to DUI are as follows:

This law states that any person who operates a motor vehicle on the roads of Georgia and is arrested for the offense of DUI shall be deemed to have given consent to chemical testing. in order to determine if they are driving under the influence.
O.C.G.A 40-5-67.1: Georgia’s Implied Consent Notice.
This law defines the warning read to motorists arrested for DUI informing them of the Implied Consent Law.
O.C.G.A 40-6-391: Georgia’s DUI Statute.
This law defines driving under the influence in Georgia.
O.C.G.A 40-6-392: Chemical Testing Statute.
This law defines the requirements for chemical tests performed in conjunction with the Implied Consent and DUI statute.

Athens Best DUI Defense Attorney

People absorb alcohol they have consumed at different rates.
The factor that generally has the largest effect on the rate of alcohol absorption is the amount and type of food in the stomach. On average a person consuming alcohol on an empty stomach will reach a peak alcohol concentration within approximately 30 minutes after the end of drinking; however, with a moderate amount of food present in the stomach the peak may be may not be reached until one hour after the conclusion of drinking. When a large amount of food is present in the stomach, it may take as long as two hours after alcohol consumption to reach peak alcohol concentration.

Athens Best DUI Attorney
It is claimed that a person’s BAC is directly related to the amount of alcohol they consume, but it is also largely affected by how the alcohol is distributed throughout the body. In reality only a small fraction of the alcohol consumed actually remains in the bloodstream after absorption. The majority of alcohol in the body distributes out of the blood into the water containing tissues and fluids. The movement of alcohol from the blood to the tissues and other water containing spaces of the body is known as the distribution of alcohol. The extent to which a person can distribute alcohol out of the bloodstream and intro the tissues will greatly affect the peak blood and breath alcohol concentration they reach.

For the most part alcohol will distribute evenly into the total volume of water found within a per-son’s body. Thus the greater the volume of water in a person’s body, the greater the amount of alcohol that will dis-tribute out of the blood stream and the lower the resulting BAC will be. Because most lean tissues are more than 70% water, the primary factors affecting the distribution of alcohol in a drinking subject are the weight of the subject and the body fat percentage of the subject. This means that two people of the same weight who consume the same amount of alcohol may not reach the exact same BAC if the volume of water into which they distribute that alcohol differs. Ultimately the factor that has the largest effect on the distribution of alcohol for a person of a given weight is body fat percentage because it is highly correlated to the percentage of the body mass that is composed of water. Generally, Females measure as having higher BAC on devices like the Intox 9000 or Intox 5000 than males.

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DUI Links and information:
Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
Georgia Department of Driver’s Services
DUI School Finder (in Georgia and out of state)
Clinical Evaluation and Treatment: Georgia Registry
FAQ: DUI Schools (from the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services)
DUI: Ignition Interlock Device Providers in Georgia
Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks DUI Task Force

Q: Do I need to call a lawyer? A: Not just a lawyer you need the right lawyer.
If you have recently been arrested for DUI or any impairment related driving offenses, you are probably you wondering if you should call DUI attorney or not? A lot of people are unsure if they should call a lawyer for their DUI questions because they do not know if they can afford one, or if it is necessary to have representation when they go to court for their DUI. Each person has different circumstances surrounding the charges, but in every case it will be of benefit to consult with an attorney before going to court to answer a DUI or any impaired driving charge.

We advise you seek out a DUI defense lawyer with significant and valuable professional experience, skill and accomplishment to help you deal with your case. If you do not you will face serious consequences without proper help, consequences such as:

  • Losing your job
  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Difficulty keeping insurance coverage
  • Probation
  • Random Drug/Alcohol Screens
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Heavy Fines & Fees
  • Jail time
  • Social stigma

There are many lawyers willing to handle your DUI case, and if you have concerns about anything to do with the charges, sentencing and fines involved with it, you should hire an attorney to help you sift through the case and discover all your options. Sometimes when we review arrests we find significant defense issues that can impact the outcome of a DUI case. Upon investigation, many DUI cases reveal that people may have been wrongly tested, pulled over improperly, detained unlawfully or are able to contest another aspect of their charges. In those cases, it is a good idea to have a talented lawyer represent you in court. Without representation, great quality representation, you have to appear on your own. Unless you are very familiar with the laws in your state, and what your rights are, it would be a better idea to work with an attorney. It is very unlikely that you will be able to handle your case successfully by yourself.

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