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Mo Wiltshire….top rated as a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Athens, Ga. is helping good people in big trouble all over North Georgia ….he can help you.

Need a drug defense attorney for in Athens or North Georgia for serious drug charges?

A drug related charge is a very serious matter. In the State of Georgia, any conviction for VGCSA (Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act) including unlawful possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth or methamphetamine, ecstasy, fraudulent prescriptions, prescription drugs or any other controlled or contraband substance can have a very destructive effect upon your life. Depending on the exact nature of the charges, you can face the civil forfeiture of your car, your money, your house, or other property in addition to criminal penalties. If you are a University of Georgia Student or employee you can face serious threats to your academic career including academic probation, suspension or dismissal.

Call the most skilled, knowledgable, result oriented, and dedicated Drug Crime Defense lawyers in Athens – Clarke County, Georgia at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire. Experienced, aggressive, drug charge defense in Athens, Ga .

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Call on Mo Wiltshire the experienced former prosecutor to be your drug crime defense attorney in Athens, Ga. at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire!

Mo Wiltshire has the right experience. Mo is a former prosecutor who has insider knowledge of how the government makes drug cases.

Mo is rated a Top Lawyer by the Nation Trial Lawyers Top 100, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys ranks him one of the Top 10 defense lawyers in Georgia. Mo is rated “Superb” and a perfect “10” as a defense attorney by the world’s largest online legal rating service, Avvo.com

drug defense attorney athens ga

What am I facing with these drug charges?

  • Drug charges can carry harsh prison sentences, lengthy probation and oppressive fines in criminal court.
  • Any conviction for drugs or contraband carries a driver’s license suspension by the State.
  • In fact, they can affect employment opportunities, as well as your ability to receive student loans, apply for certain licenses, and obtain security clearances. To protect yourself or your family member facing drug charges, you need serious help and you need it quickly.
  • You cannot afford to wait and hope things somehow get better your future is literally at stake.
  • You need to hire the very best lawyer available to you. These cases demand a seasoned attorney who knows the system and has the skills and knowledge to provide truly superior representation.
  • Morris “Mo” Wiltshire is the lawyer that can help you in your situation.

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  What can an outstanding drug charge defense attorney do?

What can Mo Wiltshire do for you? More than you may think. Despite how it may seem when you are being subjected to unreasonable search and seizure, you have rights in this country. Oftentimes law enforcement, in their zeal to arrest wrongdoers, will overstep their bounds and violate a citizen’s constitutional rights.

Drug possession charges are susceptible to a number of possible defenses.

Important questions to be answered include:

  • Did the police officers have probable cause to search you?
  • Was the search and seizure of the pills, marijuana, or drugs legal?
  • Are there Equal Access issues in your case…were the drugs on your person or somewhere else?
  • Did the officers follow proper arrest procedures?
  • Was the evidence collected, tested, and preserved properly without contamination?
  • Were your rights violated in significant ways?

Mo Wiltshire provides the tough, smart, and highly effective criminal defense representation you need in Drug and DUI cases. As a former Assistant District Attorney and as the former Athens-Clarke County Solicitor-General, Mo Wiltshire is uniquely experienced in criminal law and offers an unmatched combination of ability, skill and experience in serious criminal charges, especially VGCSA and Drug charges, DUI and traffic offenses (DUI, DUI alcohol, DUI Drugs, Vehicular Homicide, Eluding the police, etc.) and serious felony charges.

He can provide you with a level of seasoned expertise, insider knowledge, and ability that is simply not available elsewhere. While serving as a prosecutor, Mo Wiltshire spent years working closely with police agencies and as Solicitor General managing and supervising every case brought in State Court in Athens. He has acquired the firsthand knowledge of police procedure that can only be gleaned as a prosecutor.

Drug Defense Lawyer Marijuana Attorney
Mo Wiltshire knows the common mistakes that police and other law enforcement personnel make in investigating facts, arresting suspects, in collecting, cataloging and preserving evidence, and in putting together their cases. A highly skilled, winning lawyer with a long record of achieving not guilty verdicts at jury trials and successful negotiations with prosecutors is what you need to help you meet the challenges of an arrest on drug charges.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, you are facing serious charges and should hire a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Mo Wiltshire offers a free initial consultation to discuss your charges, answer your questions and inform you of your rights and your legal options.

This no cost and no obligation meeting will empower you to make the best decisions possible about your case and your future.

How to Find the Best Drug
Charge Defense Lawyer for your case?

Mo Wiltshire is the top defense lawyer in Northeast Georgia…but we don’t expect you to take only our word for it!  Listen to what consumer rating agencies, other lawyers and clients have to say:

“Mo Wiltshire…has a well-deserved, excellent reputation with the judges and lawyers in his circuit and beyond.” Patrick Ferris, lawyer and former prosecutor, Coffee County, Georgia

“Mo is a skilled advocate and feared opponent. He has an excellent presence with the jury and I would highly recommend him.” David Boyle, lawyer and former prosecutor, Lawrenceville, Georgia

We went to jury and Mr. Wiltshire was a Rock Star in the courtroom. I could not have been more fortunate to find someone as qualified as this guy and will recommend him to everyone.” Jakob Ledbetter, a client Mo Wiltshire

“…best defense trial lawyer in Athens and really anywhere around this State…I would recommend him over any attorney…especially in Athens.” Keith, Insurance Executive, Atlanta, GA

Mo Wiltshire is  “definitely the ‘go to’ lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases and DUI’s. Hire him.”   Page Pate, federal criminal defense lawyer, Atlanta, GA

“Mo Wiltshire is a common sense lawyer with an amazing ability to connect with people.” Eric Ballinger, lawyer, Canton, GA He has a “…tremendous rapport with jurors, judges, clients and other attorneys.  Do not hesitate to hire Mo Wiltshire.” Kimberly Frye, lawyer and former prosecutor, Marietta, GA

“Mo Wiltshire is a great communicator and a great lawyer. He has the ability to make juries see his side of the argument. As the former Solicitor General, he knows everybody in Athens…he will do a great job for you.”  Billy Healan, lawyer, Winder, GA

Clients, prosecutors and other lawyers agree, Mo Wiltshire is a premier defense attorney with a long track record of outstanding results both at trial and in negotiating dismissals and reductions.

drug defense attorney athens ga

Mo Wiltshire is rated “Superb”and “10.0”in the area of Criminal Defense (drug charges) and by Avvo.com, the highest ratings possible from the world’s largest lawyer rating service and online directory. He is noted for “Very High Ethical Standards”by Martindale-Hubbel, the oldest peer review attorney rating service in the United States. Mo Wiltshire was also recently selected for a Client’s Choice Awardby Avvo.com, as a result of positive feedback from very grateful clients.

For a free case evaluation and to discuss your best option call former Solicitor General Mo Wiltshire @ 706-543-0002

Once you have a chance to meet with Mo you will understand that he is the right lawyer for you. We are helping good people in big trouble all over North Georgia Click on the badge above to review Mo Wiltshire’s Avvo.com profile. Read our testimonials page to see what others say about this firm

When only the best lawyer will do for your case, put years of legal experience both prosecuting and defending serious drug crime cases to work for you! Call the skilled, tough, smart and dedicated drug crime lawyer in Athens–Clarke County, Georgia at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire.

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“Morris Wiltshire is an outstanding trial lawyer. I have watched him in court on numerous occasions … I watched him win a murder trial several years ago that no one else thought was winnable. He is definitely the “go to” lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases.” 

Page Pate, prominent Atlanta Attorney
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