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Are you looking for an aggressive, experienced criminal defense lawyer in Stephens County, Georgia?  If  you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney in Stephens County, Georgia then why not put our years of experience to work in your criminal defense case?  Call the most experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney serving the Stephens County, Georgia area.

Need a top criminal defense attorney in Stephens County, Georgia?

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When you need a criminal defense attorney in Stephens County, Ga., then call Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire and put our many years of experience prosecuting and defending criminal cases to work for you in your DUI case.

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Getting arrested can be a very scary and confusing experience.  From the initial arrest by the police to the proceedings at a jail, being arrested is always something that most people would prefer not to experience.  But it happens, and people end up on the wrong side of the law for one reason or another.  It’s times like this, when you are find yourself arrested in Stephens County, Ga. that you need to give Mo Wiltshire a call to provide you with the best legal representation.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can equally be a confusing experience, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  When you hire a criminal defense attorney that’s has a substantial track record in the court room, then you can rest easy knowing that your criminal case is being represented by the absolute best in criminal defense law.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Stephens County, Ga. call Mo Wiltshire @ 706-543-0002

In the area of criminal law, there is a wide range of legal processes and proceedings that are critical important for anyone who’s been arrested to follow.  Equally, it’s important that people such as police officers, investigators, and others in the legal system follow the same criminal law guidelines and apply the law fairly to all.  Because of the complexities involved with criminal law, if you’ve been arrested and are in need of a criminal defense attorney in Stephens County, Georgia, then it’s time to call Mo Wiltshire at Prior, Daniel, and Wiltshire today.

If you find yourself arrested in Stephens County, Ga., then it’s critically important you have the skilled representation required to save you and your family from the power of the government.  With experienced criminal defense lawyers such as Mo Wiltshire, you’ll be better positioned for the absolute best possible outcome in the criminal defense.

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“Morris Wiltshire is an outstanding trial lawyer. I have watched him in court on numerous occasions … I watched him win a murder trial several years ago that no one else thought was winnable. He is definitely the “go to” lawyer in Athens for serious criminal cases.” 

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