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What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

Traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”) has a devastating impact on individuals. The Mount Sinai School of Medicine Brain Injury Research Center estimates that 20 million Americans have suffered moderate to severe TBI. Many people do not immediately attribute complications from an accident to a brain injury. Many of the symptoms do not become present until years following the accident. Even moderate TBI can cause serious consequences. While serious TBI presents immediate trauma, moderate TBI may not cause symptoms for months or years. These symptoms can impact communications skills, causes depression (including suicide) and irritability, and result in long term deficiencies in cognitive functioning and motor skills. The injury can require long-term medical care and severely affect a person’s ability to earn a living.

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Why call a brain injury lawyer in Atlanta?

If you have been involved in an accident where you have lost consciousness, you have experienced a brain injury. Many personal injury lawyers are not experienced with brain injury or even aware that a person may survive an accident with minimal physical injury, but have suffered a brain injury which will cause long term suffering.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe or moderate (unconsciousness) TBI from an automobile, truck or boating accident caused by the negligence of another, or has committed suicide due to the complications of TBI caused by the negligence of another, you should contact Michael C. Daniel at the law firm Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC.

Mr. Daniel has been handling brain injury cases for more than 25 years. As an Assistant United States Attorney, he has defended the United States and the Department of the Army in numerous serious brain injury claims. While in private practice, he has recovered millions of dollars for brain-injured clients and their families.

Handling a brain injury case requires a unique expertise and staff. Mr. Daniel has staff including an in house Georgia Registered Nurse and Georgia Registered Paralegal.

He has on-call video consultation to create professional trial and mediation presentations, which result in successful resolution of brain injury cases. Mr. Daniel utilizes the highest-level litigation software to ensure, if trial is necessary, your interest will be passionately represented in.

If you are looking for an attorney experienced in TBI, contact Mr. Daniel at Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire, LLC. 404-418-1150.

Helpful Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

In 2009, the life of Natasha Richardson, actress and wife of Liam Neeson , died suddenly and tragically after she struck her head in a seemingly mild ski accident.

When she was first taken to the hospital, she seemed fine, talking with the emergency crew and laughing at herself for her accident. Later that day, she died due to brain trauma received from her accident.

Brain injury is either a life-ending or a life changing occurrence. If something like this has happened due to a car accident, work accident or another type of accident, a brain injury attorney in Atlanta, Ga . is someone who will make sure that the individual receives the money to take care of the medical bills and loss of income that will build up due to the brain injury – which is a great reason why you need to consider hiring a brain injury attorney in Atlanta.

There are two types of brain injury: penetrating and closed head injury.

Either of these two types of injury could cause primary or secondary brain damage. It is important to have a brain injury attorney who understand the complications, both medically and legally, that result from brain injuries.

Primary brain damage includes skull fracture, bruises (on the brain), blood clots, lacerations (on the brain, usually cause from the brain rolling across the skull ridge) and nerve damage.

Secondary brain damage is not a different category of brain damage. It is simply the damage that can occur over time after the incident.  And a solid brain injury attorney in Atlanta would recognize that instantly.

There are a wide variety of symptoms associated with secondary brain damage. Brain swelling, cardiac and lung changes, fever, infection and anemia are just a few of the indications of secondary brain damage. The biggest problem with brain damage, as shown in the case of Natasha Richardson, is that brain trauma can evolve over time.

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Physical, cognitive and communication problems can be myriad due to brain injury. A person may suffer headaches, seizures, loss of muscle control or dizziness. They may have trouble maintaining a topic of conversation, reading facial expressions or keeping up with a fast-paced conversation.

Those with brain injury frequently struggle with loss of concentration, memory and processing ability. If someone feels they have these persistent symptoms, they should contact a brain injury attorney to see if they may have a case that could help provide for them.

The first step that a brain injury lawyer may take is to have the individual evaluated if this hasn’t been done already. A team that includes a doctor, occupational therapist, physical therapist, neuropsychologist or speech language pathologist may all be called into play to evaluate and treat those that have suffered a brain injury.

Each year, an estimated 1.7 million people receive a traumatic brain injury and account for 30% of the deaths resulting from injury. Young children, teens and adults 65 or older are the segments of society most at risk for sustaining traumatic brain injury.

Fortunately, 75% of those injuries are in the mild category and not life threatening. For the other 25%, it’s either a tragic story or a long road to even partial recovery. It’s an expensive road.

The other aspect of traumatic brain injury that needs to be comprehensively understood by both families and their brain injury attorney is recovery. There are several myths that surround brain injury recovery that would keep an individual or an individual’s family from pursuing the financial support that they may not realize that they need.

One of the myths is that of full recovery or recovery within a year. While the medical community is learning more every year about the plasticity of the brain (the brain’s ability to bounce back and change how it processes), traumatic brain injury most often leaves an individual with limitations that they did not have before the injury. To put a time limit on such complex recovery is naïve at best.

Another myth surrounds applying a normal IQ or a normal neurological evaluation to a person with a traumatic brain injury. A normal neurological evaluation would not take into account the evolution of a brain injury. A normal IQ test does not take into account that the functionality of the individual could be, and usually is, severely impaired.

A naïve psychologist may declare a brain injured individual cognitively cured because they scored in the average range of a typical IQ test. This same individual may not be able to tie their own shoes because they forget what they are doing in the midst of such a simple process.

A competent and knowledgeable brain injury attorney in Atlanta, Ga. is one who is familiar with all of the above issues and fights for the ruling that will enable his client to be financially sustained long term.


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