Mo Wiltshire “…best DUI defense trial lawyer in Athens and really anywhere around this State.” Keith, Atlanta Executive

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“Most lawyers claim to be “trial lawyers”. Few actually feel comfortable in front of a jury. My son was charged with DUI in Athens in 2011. I am in the business of defending large insurance companies and our clients in civil litigation. I knew who to ask about criminal litigators and I trusted my advice. My son is sure glad we were referred to Mo Wiltshire. I attended the trial and watched as every word was said – we clearly had the State “out-lawyered”. When your lawyer weaves the story together during the trial and wraps it up in a closing argument where every juror is glued to each word he says, you know you hired the right guy. Our case was clearly one that could have been lost. The difference was the attorney and it was a true work of art. I have taken the time to write this not because I ever expect to need Mr. Wiltshire again …. I write this because someone might read this and realize that a young man or woman charged with a crime or DUI truly has a ton to lose if convicted. Hire the right lawyer. Hire the lawyer who does trial work day in and day out and does not just claim to do it. Ask when was the last time you took a case like this to a jury? What is your track record in the last 3 – 5 years in trial? Not everyone will know who to call like I did to get the referral for the best DUI defense trial lawyer in Athens and really, anywhere around this State. You cannot overestimate the value of being known to the legal community and liked in the courtroom where you practice. Everyone spoke to Mo – from the clerk to the Judge, to the Sheriff at the security check in. They all called him Mo. They asked about his kids and his wife. I can tell you – all of that matters and if your lawyer is a jerk, all of those people know it and so will the jury.”

Keith (an Atlanta Executive whose son was charged with DUI)

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